Continuous Improvement Is Now

ASKM & Associates is a management and communications consulting firm offering an innovative combination of Lean and other management practices joined with carefully crafted internal and external messaging.

We provide strategic planning facilitation, the development of communications that support an organization's strategic vision, and company-specific Lean education, training and coaching to facilitate either Lean Project Delivery and/or an entire organization's Lean Journey.

Some of our services include: Last Planner™ System (LPS); Lean Project Delivery; Strategic Planning & Deployment; Pull Planning; Value Stream Mapping; Integrated Project Delivery (IPD); Choosing by Advantages (CBA); Building Information Modeling (BIM); and Tolerance Management.

From the strategic to the operational level, ASKM & Associates helps organizations identify, plan, communicate and deploy objectives in order to achieve and exceed their goals. ASKM & Associates empowers organizations with the lasting knowledge and skills necessary to: foster and sustain a culture of continuous improvement; meet new challenges as they emerge; and dominate the competition, now and in the future.

Trademarks: Lean Project Delivery is a trademark, and Last Planner is a registered trademark of the Lean Construction Institute.
Integrated Project Delivery and IPD are trademarks of Integrated Project Delivery, Inc.

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