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Colin Milberg, PhD, PRINCIPAL
Colin has been involved in Lean construction for the last 13 years, and began offering his consulting services independently in 2012. Since 2000, Colin has worked with a variety public and private organizations on large-scale infrastructure projects, assisting project teams in implementation of Lean Construction and Enterprise practices, creating Pull Planning and Superintendent Standard Work, developing internal capacity for facilitating Lean Construction practices, and integrating Lean Construction with Lean Enterprise techniques to support Lean practices across a combined trade contractor, manufacturer, designer and supplier organization. Colin's areas of expertise include Construction Management, Lean Construction, Design Management, Integrated Project Delivery, Building Information Modeling, 3-D Laser Scanning, and Tolerance Management in Civil Systems. Colin has 18 years of construction management experience on a variety of infrastructure projects ranging from $2 million to $1 billion, including hospitals, schools, bridges, tunnels and prisons. Utilizing his experience in teaching, training, facilitation, and leading Lean events from the strategic down to the operations level, Colin has helped individual organizations and cross-organizational project teams build internal capacity for delivering lean projects with increased value and reduced waste. Colin's CV.

Lisabeth Kirk, MFA, PRINCIPAL
Lisabeth has been offering writing and editing services as a consultant for over 18 years, during which time she has created a variety of content for many different kinds of organizations, from universities to art galleries to research institutes. Over the course of her career, Lisabeth has produced newsletters, advertisements, website content and websites, annual scientific reports, National Science Foundation grants, publications for peer-reviewed journals, abstracts, interviews, press releases, and more. In addition, Lisabeth has been facilitating strategic planning since 2006, helping organizations identify a strategic vision while creating messaging that deeply reflects and supports that vision for both internal and external communications. Lisabeth's areas of expertise include facilitating strategic planning; crafting consistent, cohesive content that reflects an organization's strategic vision and aids in marketing and/or branding; turning complex concepts from any subject area into accessible messaging; identifying from raw materials the single most compelling story to create persuasive narratives; and providing exceptional service, whatever the client's needs. In addition to understanding words, Lisabeth understands people and how to communicate with them, both in person – to help draw out an organization's strategic vision, and in writing – to touch a specific audience in a specific way. By applying her significant creative talents to the more technical arenas of science, research, engineering, management, and healthcare, Lisabeth crafts unique and effective messaging that helps organizations achieve their goals, reach and grow their audience, and improve their bottom line. Lisabeth's CV.

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